This is Sidd and Mike’s Social Justice Project about Online Privacy.
Enjoy The Journey : )

Here is our Problem Statement:

Many people, but especially people who rely on the media for communication, suffer from invasion of privacy.These days many people who hold legal and government power abuse their power by invading the private information held by media users. The situation violates the first rule of CST (Life and Dignity of the Human Person) because invading people’s privacy shows a lack of respect for the person and it also violates the third rule of CST (Rights and Responsibilities) because every person has a right to privacy. In addition, invasion of privacy violates Articles 2 and 12 of the UN Declaration of Human Rights because these articles deal with rights and privacy of the human person. The problem especially affects us personally because we are teenagers who greatly depend on media for communication. We use services like Skype, Facebook, Calling, Texting, Tumblr, Twitter, and much more on a daily or at least weekly basis. It strongly angers us that the United States government may be monitoring and invading the privacy we are entitled to with our media. This issue is worth researching and addressing because it violates the rights of many millions of people around the world and even in the Bay Area.

Mike Kunkel(right) and Sidd Viswanathan(left)
Kunkel, Mike, and Siddharth Viswanathan. Mike and Sidd. Digital image. Online Privacy. Mike Kunkel and Sidd Viswanathan, 10 May 2015. Web. 12 May 2015.